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Vatican Jewelry with Free Vatican Souvenirs
Vatican JewelryVatican Jewelry from the Vatican Library Collection finally available to the public!

A priceless collection made of authorized replicas of Vatican Jewels and Jewelry... a wealth of artifacts dating back to the year 313 A.D. Documenting photographs were taken of frescos, mosaics, detailed ceilings, woodworked columns, furniture and manuscripts, guides to be used in creating a beautiful Collection. We hope you enjoy our Vatican Jewelry collection composed of Rosary Boxes, Rosaries and Rosary Beads, Necklaces, Pendants, Medallions, Crosses and Crucifixes, Book Markers, Pill Boxes, and Vatican Pins. All these great Vatican Jewels and Jewelry replicas come in a beautiful gift box with the Vatican Library seals imprinted in gold. Hand-made with the highest quality materials and workmanship. 24k gold-plated, silver, Swarovski crystals...

NOTE: With each Vatican Jewelry order from the Vatican Library you will receive a Vatican postcard and a collectible Pope John Paul II medallion... FREE of CHARGE!

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